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Page 91 of 147 90 other native people. Here you will learn what traditional life was like before the time of the European settlers. Presenters will include both native and non-native scholars and cultural ex- perts. The conference closes on Sunday with a traditional powwow to which all are welcome to attend. Visit for addi- tional details. November brings in a string of events celebrat- ing the Thanksgiving holiday. From November 20 – 25, Plymouth will be a hotspot for youth- oriented events to encourage folks to gather and give thanks. The line-up of events includes: • November 20: America's Hometown Thanksgiving Concert • November 21: America's Hometown Thanksgiving Parade • November 22: Illuminate Thanksgiving Festival: "One Small Candle Ceremony" where the One Small Candle Award will be given to a person who has made a difference in peoples' lives at a young age. • November 23 & 24: Thanksgiving Festival Events • November 25: Illuminate Thanksgiving Main Event will have more information on locations, times, and other details. Starting December 1 and running until New Year's Eve, the Eastham Public Library at 190 Samoset Road in Eastham will have on display a multi-media travelling exhibit called "Our Sto- ry: 400 Years of Wampanoag History." The exhibit will showcase life in America from the perspective of the Wampanoag tribe, "a voice largely silenced by the colonial narrative." The Wampanoag people have lived in the southeast- ern area of the Commonwealth for over 12,000 years, and were the first tribe encountered by the Mayflower pilgrims. Elements of the exhibit will include Wampanoag powwows, politics, religion, and pieces of everyday life illustrated through words, images, and film. The exhibit will begin with the kidnapping and enslavement of 27 Wampanoag men, including Tisquantum, who later became known as Squanto, the only captive to later return home. The conclusion of the exhibit will feature the brutal legacy of colonization, "the effects of which are still felt today." The exhibit will be staged by SmokeSyg- nals Marketing and Communications and The Indian Spiritual and Cultural Training Council Inc. More information can be found at www. "We convene this commemorative season by acknowledging the Wampanoag people of the past and of the present, who are among us, and their heritage as the indigenous people of this land. While we cannot undo the mistakes of the past, we have a responsibility to acknowledge them and work toward a continually better fu- ture." – Wampanoag Nation acknowledgement read before all Provincetown 400 events • Due to the ever-changing nature of New England weather and other factors, we advise anyone planning to attend any of the Mayflower 400 events to check the following websites for the most up-to-date information. Courtesy of Plimoth Plantation Courtesy of Plimoth Plantation

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