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Page 122 of 147 121 By 1914, the Provincetown Art Associa- tion was founded by a group of local artists and businessmen. With the arrival of Hans Hofmann in 1935, Abstract Expressionism had started to take root here and flourished into the Sixties. The colony continues to flourish and prosper today. Although the art is diverse, there is still continuity with the past. While fishing continues as an industry in Provincetown, the 20th century brought artists, theatrical groups, beatniks, hippies, and the LB- GTQ community to this "live and let live" little town. Eugene O'Neil, Tennessee Williams, Wil- lem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Max Ernst, and countless other artists visited and worked in Provincetown. Art and theatre schools grew, and by the end of WW II, Provincetown had be- come a center for international art, and is still considered by many to be the most significant art colony in America. Art Galleries are certainly plentiful here, but it's not just the art that peo- ple come to see. As it's name suggests, Commercial Street is the major thoroughfare and shopping street of Provincetown. On any given summer day it is more reminiscent of the mid-way at a carnival than a street. Packed with people of all types, Provincetown offers world-class people watch- ing as well. The benches in front of town hall are the favored spot to simply sit and watch the crowds go by. This can be a major entertain- ment, as an incredible mix of offbeat individuals pass by. For those who have only a day to spend in Provincetown a whale watching trip from here puts you closer to the whale's feeding grounds than any other venue, so there's less time spent actually getting there. Another wonderful experience available in Provincetown is a Dune Tour. Four-wheel drive vehicles take you across the sands past enor- mous dunes and into an environment that is fascinating and incredibly beautiful. Shopping is of course a major pastime on Commercial Street with scores of small boutiques. A popu- lar recreation is renting a bike and riding the National Seashore's bike trail past beaches, through dunes, and into a beech forest. There are pristine beaches in Provincetown as well. Herring Cove Beach has a bathhouse if you're there for just the day and want to shower and change to spend the evening in town. Herring Cove also offers the perfect place to park while you watch the sun set over Cape Cod Bay. If you're looking for an extended stay in Provincetown there is a countless number of ac- commodations of every style and price range. Provincetown is renowned as Cape Cod's "par- ty town", so when the sun goes down there is yet another whole aspect for the visitor to explore. Cabaret holds a huge appeal for visi- tors to Provincetown. The best of female imper- sonators spend their summer in P-town and are often seen on the street hawking their shows. It is not unusual to pass Betty Davis, Barbra Strei- sand, or Judy Garland in full eveningwear, or Cher on a scooter, encouraging you to attend their show. There is also great theatre, comedy acts, and even a Provincetown Film Festival. Restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and discos are plentiful in Provincetown. Whether you just want to sit and talk, or dance the night away, there's a place for everybody and any style of entertainment you could desire. The scene is a lot of fun, and once again, the people watching is fabulous. Eventually the crowds disperse, go back to their rooms, and spend the next day at the beach "sleeping it off". Provincetown's tradition as a haven for unique individuals really has served to make this town unlike any other place on Cape Cod. Bring your entire family for a visit, there is truly something for everyone.• Schooner Hindu offers an authentic sailing experience daily from MacMillan Pier in Provincetown. Race Point Lighthouse, Provincetown

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