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Page 121 of 147 120 PROVINCETOWN A Town Like No Other On Cape Cod No trip to Cape Cod would be complete without a visit to Provincetown, at the very tip of the Cape. Even the Pilgrims stopped here first before ultimately settling in Plymouth. It is a unique little corner of the world, unlike any place else. Along the road to Provincetown is the op- portunity that you will have to visit various Na- tional Seashore Park areas. Just after rounding the rotary in the town of Orleans, you will be- gin to spot brown, National Seashore signs. The first one, for "Fort Hill"provides a magnificent vista of field, salt marsh and the ocean. Also, don't miss the archway over the entrance to the historic sea captain's home that you will pass, it's the jawbone of a whale!! Further along route 6-A you will see the official National Seashore Visitor's Center where you can get more infor- mation about other stops that you may want to make along the way. Provincetown had a reputation that dated back to colonial times as a lawless place that had attracted marginalized elements of society. Smugglers, pirates, outlaw colonists, cast- aways, drinkers and other "non-conformists" could all walk freely in Provincetown. There was no government, no schools, and no families. Ul- timately, Provincetown did become "civilized" and very family friendly as the fishing industry became a major enterprise for the next two- hundred years. But the tradition of valuing one's personal liberty over the norms of social convention still continues to persist in P-town today. Consequently, Provincetown has attract- ed the extremely "colorful" and diverse popula- tion that makes it such an exciting and dynamic tourist destination. Provincetown and Cape Cod became an important destination for artists in the late 19th century with the advent of easier railway and ferry transportation service. Charles Hawthorne founded his Cape Cod School of Art in 1899,he ran it until his untimely death in 1930. Mod- ernist painter, E. Ambrose Webster founded his Summer School of Painting shortly after in 1900. Between the two most popular teachers, hundreds of painters flocked to Provincetown for the opportunity to study with the masters. Commercial Street, downtown Provincetown.

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